15 Jun

How to avoid wine stains on your teeth

A lot of people have developed a wine tasting/drinking mood nowadays. It is great-tasting light alcoholic beverage that goes well with any kind of food, depending on the wine variety of course. And it has gotten a reputation for being a healthy alcoholic drink which many have made their guilty pleasure.

These wine nights are usually made with friends or your partner to cap off an enjoyable evening out of your home. Red wine bottles come out when celebrating a birthday or during the Christmas eve celebrations inside your home.

Although, many people love wine and it’s considered to be healthy for your body. There is a common cosmetic problem that comes out once you’ve downed your glass of Merlot or Pinot Noir. It is the teeth stain that is left behind.

You don’t want to be smiling to guests throughout the evening with a purple or red stain covering your teeth. We asked dentists from Viceroy Dental to give their practical suggestions in avoiding getting wine stains on teeth.

Brush teeth before drinking wine

Wine stains are a product of the presence of plaque on your teeth. This is the sticky deposit found on teeth that allows for bacteria to grow on teeth and inside one’s mouth. The ideal thing to do is to get rid of plaque so that wine stains won’t be able to stick on it.

Doing so would need brushing and flossing right before you open that bottle of wine to drink and offer your guests. Removal of the thin film of plaque after eating will greatly minimize the chances of wine staining happening on your teeth. Plus, you have the added benefit of clean teeth which also means less cavities and tooth decay.

Sparkly Water

These bubbly beverages are present in many parties especially one’s that involve wine tasting. Many know of the health benefits of sparkling water. However, it also has the added benefit of preventing wine stains from sticking which many organizers of wine tastings know about which is why you see these drinks frequently during their events.


There are not many foods that have a perfect marriage, wine and cheese is one of them. In this case, the cheese you eat during wine and cheese night in your backyard doesn’t only go well with your chosen drink but it also helps in preventing wine stains which is a double benefit.

Cheese has calcium, lots of it, and it builds up on your teeth as you continue to eat it during the night. This makes it harder for the wine stain to stick on your teeth. Dentists advise eating hard cheese so you get the most calcium out of every block you eat.

Whitening Toothpaste

Most whitening toothpaste not only aid in whitening your teeth, they have compounds that prevent plaque from forming and cleans up tooth stains coming from your wine. A wine drinker is advised to use this kind of toothpaste to ensure that their teeth is as white as they can be.