20 Mar

How to Have your Own Backyard Wine Tasting

Are you in the mood for some wine tasting? Then probably you can gather some of your friends and families to get things started. And don’t you think it is time to have your own wine tasting ground at home?  Sounds like a real fun right?

Many wine lovers would go to discover the best and new wines. In most cases, you would need to go somewhere, a popular vineyard for an instance. However, this time you can make a difference by having your own backyard wine tasting. If you’re still thinking how that can be possible and it might be hard, well, here are some of the useful ideas to consider in order for you to have a backyard wine tasting.

Wine Tasting Fun

You just can’t deny it, if you have started exploring some wineries, you can’t help but to look forward for your next wine tasting adventure. Yet don’t you think it is time for you to actually bring your wine tasting hobby right to your own home? Backyard wine tasting is really a possible venture that you can do next. You can use your own backyard to invite some friends and families to come in to enjoy tasting some wines.

Wine tasting in the backyard is not that hard to do. The Backyard Site for instance can give you tips and ideas about you are able to make use your own backyard to do some fun activities. Setting up a wine tasting event in the backyard may sound hard and tedious. But if you’d know what the things that you need to prepare are, you’ll realize that it isn’t really that rigid.

Do your own Wine Tasting

If you haven’t tried it yet, then it’s time to learn how you can have your own backyard wine tasting event. To get started, of course you don’t really need a lot of people to come. You can start with your closest friends and family. It’s the best way for you to know what are the things that you really need to improve if you are planning to do it again the next time.

In order to help you further, here are some of the things that you need to think about for your wine tasting in the backyard.

Prepare at least 5 types of wine for your guest. More than that might affect their pallet and they will have a hard time picking the best.

Prepare the right glasses. You definitely need to prepare the right glasses for the occasion. You also need to keep in mind to provide one glass per person for the tasting duration. Don’t wash the glasses in between, a single drop of water might affect the taste of the wine.

Prepare some snacks. Snacks is a must. Most guest will definitely expect that they can eat something that would go best with wine.

After knowing all these tips, it is time for you to find a perfect spot at the backyard. Create a good floor plan how you want your area setup. Planning is still the key to having a successful backyard wine tasting.

27 Dec

Wine or Beer? Which is a More Popular Choice?


Just like tea vs. coffee, the question of whether beer is more popular than wine divides people. While there is no need to put your wine in the best kegerator, it is occupying the cellar of a lot of connoisseur. And while draft beer is occupying the best commercial kegerators of most pubs, you can order from there any wine you want. So which one is more popular, beer or wine?

Which One Makes You Drunk Quicker?

Although a pint of beer has more or less the same alcohol content as a glass of wine, what makes you drunk is the alcohol passing through your bloodstream and how fast that happens depends on the kind of alcohol in your drink. According to a study, wine alcohol reaches its peak 52 minutes after drinking while beer alcohol is at 62 minutes. In other words, you will have a faster decent to inebriation with wine than beer. This means that while drinking alcoholic drinks will eventually lead to drunkenness, wine will make you drunk quicker than beer

Which One Gives You More Calories?

It’s a given that all alcoholic drinks contain calories and sugar which makes it tasty. But a pint of beer is known to contain 50% more calories than any drink, wine included. Although for moderate drinkers, the difference is minimal, regular beer drinkers tends to have a larger belly compared to wine drinker. This is based of course on purely ocular observation and no serious study is really done on the subject. But still, drinkers of both beverage would tell you that they get a lot of energy boost when drinking beer than wine

Which One Gives You the Worst Hangover?

Every drinker, occasional or otherwise, have experienced hangover at one time or another. It is the worst feeling that can come after a night’s all out fun with friends, it is every drinker’s day-after-enemy. Sadly though, there has been no effort done to solve this problem except alka seltzer. Now dehydration is the likely culprit since alcoholic drinks tend to make you urinate more than what we take in, but there are also some byproducts of fermentation which may be toxic to the body causing nausea and headache. These byproducts are are called congeners and these are responsible for giving your favorite drink its distinct taste. In general, beer and wine have more or less equal amounts of congeners so you can’t really blame the two for the day-after hangover.

Which One is Better for Your Health?

While binge drinking is the enemy of good health, a glass of wine a day reduces your risk of diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. This is because of the polyphenols that is found most abundantly in red wine. Beer also contains a lot of polyphenols but not as much. This means that as far as your health is concerned beer comes second to wine.

13 May

Wine and Wineries – Cheers to good health


The definition of winery is a building where wine is produced and the production dates to over six thousand years ago.

Types of Winery

Farm wineries allow farms to manufacture and sell wine from their own farm house. There is a difference between the farm wineries and the commercial ones are that the source of wine is more often than not produced in the ranch and the concluding product is also sold on the ranch. These farm wineries operate on a smaller scale as compared to their commercial partners.

Micro Winery7Wine_IsItGoodForYou

A small wine producer does not have a farm of his own and so sources his needs from exterior suppliers. The idea is similar to that of a micro brewery where small consignments of the product are made for local consumption. The advantages of a micro winery in contrast to farm winery, is that it is able to offer a wide range of wines. This is because it is not bonded by the grapes it grows.

Urban winery

The urban winery scenario is where a wine producer chooses to locate his facility in the urban area. Production tours are offered by urban wineries .They also offer tasting rooms for the public to taste and also offer retail sales of their wines. As the wine is stored correct correctly this allows the people to procure straight from the source. Full size restaurants also cater to the urban winery. There are even places for live entertainment where wine is served. There are amateur wine makers who can opt the grape varieties. Urban wineries have opened all over the United States.

Tips to a successful winealamy-cheers-large

When one goes on a wine tasting binge be sure to have a taxi driven car or hire a car. The reason is that once the tasting begins one will taste more wines than one even thought of. Each little taste adds up to form one big head ache.

It is always to look out for small places where one can sit at the bar and have a chat with the person behind the bar. In this way quality time can be spent and one can learn more about wines.

One must know the answer when asked which particular wine one wants.. In fact one can turn around and ask a similar question by saying that I like all wines and so which one can you suggest. However many people find it hard to give the correct answer at the right time.

It is advisable to go the bar early on week ends. The advantage is that one can find the owner behind the bar and one can start up a chat. This is the advantage of small wineries because at large wineries the place is normally full and the bar is busy.

It is always good to be polite when one visits a bar or a winery. In a smaller winery people can tend to be very rude. However at a small winery one can even get wine free or at a small charge.

Many bars also do give information as to where the grapes have come from. If one does not want to ask then all he has to do is to look at the label on the bottle. If it is mentioned estate bottled it can be taken for granted that the grapes have been grown just around the neighborhood.