2 Jul

Does Wine Make You Fat?

Before we dig deeper into the question – Does wine make you fat? Let us discuss the benefits of this zesty drink. Wine is known to contain antioxidants that fight free radicals, which are believed to be the culprits when it comes to most illnesses, especially cancer. This drink is also considered as an anti-inflammatory concoction, which flushes extracellular fluid, preventing edema and other inflammatory processes. It is also proven that moderate consumption of wine decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Wine tasting and drinking renders a lot of benefits, but the question still remains – does it make you fat?

Alcoholic drinks are one of the stuff people who are trying to slim down tend to avoid. Like any other alcoholic drinks, wine contains certain amounts of carbs that is medically recognized to be fattening. To elaborate further on this, read on.

3 Reasons Why Wine Can Be Fattening

High in Calories

Alcohol is caloric dense, it is rich in calories. For example, a glass of wine has approximately 85 calories, 2.6 grams per 100ml. So, if you are counting you macros or calorie intake, watch out not to gulp more than a glass. Otherwise, you’ll be gaining some weight.

Delays the Fat Burning Process

It is a given fact that the body derives energy from the food and drinks we ingest. It is also a normal body function to get its energy from the quickest source. At this point, since alcohol or wine is rich in calorie and carbohydrates, the body prefers to use them up first and get rid of them by converting them into energy. After that, when all the carb are all used up, it then shifts to burning fat as a source of new source of energy. Then and only then will you be in a fat burning state. So if you have been drinking a lot of alcohol, do not expect to see your adipose tissue shrink.

Wine Slows You Down

You can ask any Thrive personal trainer, increasing activity level helps in burning fat. The problem with alcohol consumption is it is known as a downer, which makes you feel sluggish, sleepy and mellow. This prevents you from being active, thus you are unable to burn as much fat as you can when you are sober and functioning properly.

The Paradoxical Truth

Paradoxically, there was a study made, that regular consumption of wine at minimum amount, helped reduce the weight of the participants involved in the research, compared to the ones who did not. Admittedly, they cannot find the reason behind this or there is no specific conclusion agreed upon why this occurred. It had made researchers very intrigued why at lower quantities, wine is able to help in weight reduction.

In addition, if we take a look at the French people, who are known to be heavy wine drinkers, they tend to be slimmer compared to other nationalities. How could this be? The answer is still unknown. But, do not make this as an excuse to drink more alcohol. Remember, too much of anything is very harmful. Maybe, in moderation, wine can be very beneficial. Just do not over do it! For Thrive Fitness, make sure to stay within your recommended daily caloric intake and have an active lifestyle.