27 Dec

Wine or Beer? Which is a More Popular Choice?


Just like tea vs. coffee, the question of whether beer is more popular than wine divides people. While there is no need to put your wine in the best kegerator, it is occupying the cellar of a lot of connoisseur. And while draft beer is occupying the best commercial kegerators of most pubs, you can order from there any wine you want. So which one is more popular, beer or wine?

Which One Makes You Drunk Quicker?

Although a pint of beer has more or less the same alcohol content as a glass of wine, what makes you drunk is the alcohol passing through your bloodstream and how fast that happens depends on the kind of alcohol in your drink. According to a study, wine alcohol reaches its peak 52 minutes after drinking while beer alcohol is at 62 minutes. In other words, you will have a faster decent to inebriation with wine than beer. This means that while drinking alcoholic drinks will eventually lead to drunkenness, wine will make you drunk quicker than beer

Which One Gives You More Calories?

It’s a given that all alcoholic drinks contain calories and sugar which makes it tasty. But a pint of beer is known to contain 50% more calories than any drink, wine included. Although for moderate drinkers, the difference is minimal, regular beer drinkers tends to have a larger belly compared to wine drinker. This is based of course on purely ocular observation and no serious study is really done on the subject. But still, drinkers of both beverage would tell you that they get a lot of energy boost when drinking beer than wine

Which One Gives You the Worst Hangover?

Every drinker, occasional or otherwise, have experienced hangover at one time or another. It is the worst feeling that can come after a night’s all out fun with friends, it is every drinker’s day-after-enemy. Sadly though, there has been no effort done to solve this problem except alka seltzer. Now dehydration is the likely culprit since alcoholic drinks tend to make you urinate more than what we take in, but there are also some byproducts of fermentation which may be toxic to the body causing nausea and headache. These byproducts are are called congeners and these are responsible for giving your favorite drink its distinct taste. In general, beer and wine have more or less equal amounts of congeners so you can’t really blame the two for the day-after hangover.

Which One is Better for Your Health?

While binge drinking is the enemy of good health, a glass of wine a day reduces your risk of diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. This is because of the polyphenols that is found most abundantly in red wine. Beer also contains a lot of polyphenols but not as much. This means that as far as your health is concerned beer comes second to wine.